Always On Display Coming to iPhone 12S

According to Mark Gurman, who recently blocked me on Twitter for God knows why, Apple could bring to the iPhone the same technology they use on the Apple Watch.

This is something we have been hearing for quite a few months now, it isn't new, but I wanted to clarify this to you.

It is only coming to the 12S Pro and 12S Pro Max.

And you will be asking why. Well, it is pretty simple, refresh rate.

Unless you want your battery to drain in less than 2 hours, if you want Always On Display Apple needs to lower the times your screen refreshes per second. Your iPhone screen does that 60 times a second, which is standard. New iPhones will be able to make it 120 times per second, which would mean less battery life if it wasn't for something called LTPO, which stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxid. This technology, which, by the way, was developed and is patented by Apple, allows the screen to vary its refresh rate all the way from 120 to 1, and this is what allows Always On Display to be feasible without destroying your battery.

And this is the main reason why your current iPhone won't be receiving a software update for Always On Display.

I expect Apple to announce the new iPhones by September 14th including this and other features like a smaller notch, a bigger battery or a bigger and improved camera array.

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See you around!