News Are Slow, Don't Worry Baby, I'm Here To Save Your Butt.

Updated: Jul 18

I know, news have been slow for quite a few days now. It is boring, nobody is leaking a thing, people is somehow still discussing the iPhone 12S name...

Fortunately for you, my dear follower, I'm here to save you from your boredomness.

Every week I will be doing a summary of the news you should care about and, if possible, I'll give you a little exclusive so you can feel superior than the rest of the world.

Anyways, let's get started.

As this is the first one I'll include some extra news.

First of all, I reported that Apple is starting to plan their September event and I'm hearing the date chosen will finally be September 14th. Which leaves is with the typical "preorders will be on Friday and shipments will start in a week".

Next story you should care about is Apple launching their back-to-school promotion in Europe and other regions. The offer, if you don't know about it, consists on a discounted Mac or iPad and some free AirPods. You can also get a 20% discount on AppleCare+.

2 weeks ago I reported that Apple was planning to launch it on Friday 9th of July.

I got quite a few messages stating that Apple would never release such a promotion on a Friday.

It didn't happen that day, and I told you it had to be delayed due to a lack of supply. It finally was announced a week later. Yes, ON A FRIDAY, as I told you.

Please, guys, don't say something won't happen to someone who has sources, unless you have them too and they are telling you a different thing. Something I doubt a lot.